Unusual restaurant

Once a private space reserved for a few invited guests, Le Club has been transformed into a restaurant. It is now open to all, but the site maintains its low profile to preserve the quality that ensured its success for so many years: its discretion.

"You are amazed when you discover the view and the setting for the first time."

Charlotte Bruel - Proprietor

Home-cooked cuisine

Le Club restaurant offers a short and simple menu featuring fresh products. Virtually all the dishes – appetizers, entrees and desserts – are homemade.

A cosmopolitan venue

A choice Paris destination for a business lunch, nightfall transforms Le Club into a select, quirky, intimate and romantic venue with one of the most beautiful views in the city. In summer, the terrace is among the most exotic and little-known rooftop dining sites in Paris. A recent addition to Le Club, the ground-floor bar is the final piece in this multifaceted cosmopolitan puzzle.